Do your thing

Do it well

Do it quickly

Find other stuff to pique your interest

Do your thing way fucking better

Use a growth mindset

Leverage your attraction to adjacently applicable & interesting ideas

Explore the self and find your principles

“Strive to impower others”

“Sleep Well — Rem Out”

“Be Spontaneous Love and accept it”

“Transparent Superiority, 10X Minimum”

“Do What is Right, Not What is Easy”

See everyone & Everything is a Gift

Let your mind be influenced and curious

Seek the interaction you crave

Don’t limit

⦿ GG ◉

I value my present, past, future and am extremely driven. I was planning a ski trip in Colorado, running several half marathons, camping in Utah, and continue to learn to foster a new found love to climb. All of those things are on pause, but pails in comparison to the…

I facetime my grandmas because i can only imagine how they are feeling in this time of forced isolation. At least I have my work and I don’t have to be scared for my life as I walk out the door and into a restaurant. I am lonely as fuck…

Sure I was given a great bit of help, but the bottom line is that no one does anything alone. It is all about who you know and who is helping you. Combining knowledge can only be helpful if you can actually find people to help you! DO MORE OF…

A three lane highway, the middle lane is lined with 18 — wheelers, moving slow enough for cars to be swinging from the right to the left. The trucks go slower because they know this is going to be happening to them. Everyone wants to do something very simple… go…

Exploration — Its not about conquering, not for me. Im here to feel those feelings. I am here to understand the whys and hows. I love it. I pride myself on not forgetting how alive and bountiful the world is around me.

Interesting anecdote: So I had went to bed…

Todays Date: 8/12/2020

It is important to note and revisit my interactions with others. I fin it interesting to gauge how topics are brought up how long we stay on them measured internally with how much effort I am applying to stay on specific topics I want to sense the…

Write here & right now,

Find the space — find your how,

Online noise & offline silence,

Always 9 meals away from all-out violence,

Mind is full & gut is empty,

Staying hungry makes ambition plenty,

Lions strike Antelope; no interest in mice trapping,

Living fast with electric reacting,

Ears are hot & eyes glow blue,

The screens pull time away from me and you,

Pollution clouds & trickledown nonsensical illogic,

Frolicking in an empty wallet,

Assholes with toothbrushes stuck up,

Be nice & corrupt the corrupt,

The warm meal of life; A moment of echolocation,

Rip up reality & go for big air; sense the rotation,

In touch with the Untouchables; the field in space,

Our pasts in stone, Our futures dry erase,

Re-evaluate forever.


There is no telling what EXACTLY is about to happen. NO TELLING — if you know then keep it to yourself cause that shit would freak me out… But seriously, who are you about to meet? What ideas will I come across? What will scientists find? What will journalists write…

Fueling your fire can be hard. When it comes to pushing yourself, it can be good to rationally compare yourself to your peers.

Look at your peers, the ones who are committed to their passion and are continually propelling themselves to reach their dreams and goals. Does that not fire…

Glick Gardner

I will curate to the interested. Those that want a peek into what could be.

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