A three lane highway, the middle lane is lined with 18 — wheelers, moving slow enough for cars to be swinging from the right to the left. The trucks go slower because they know this is going to be happening to them. Everyone wants to do something very simple… go forward as fast as possible. How hard can that be? Well the problem is the journey. Different entries, exits, and urgencies. Everyone is crossed up with no idea how to anticipate the hundreds of other drivers.

This is our world today. So many issues, solutions, people and so little time and attention. We know the masses are out there, and it causes everyone to have paralysis. I hear about it, so someone must be doing something about it.

I am sick and tired of everyone watching the news and heard about one issue after another. Its like watching people stuck on the roller coaster, and the attendant is getting a kick out of seeing non stop flailing and fleeting happiness.

Where are the people who see their neighborhood is full of crime and sit idly by and not clean up, or start a community garden, or volunteer. If you could switch the #of hours of tv watched with volunteer hours, or hours committed to stoping climate change or social injustice, the planted would feel it and we would notice reasonable change.

People are self centered sure. But where is the logic in that?

Is logic something that they teach? Classic If-then statements. Relational data. Gaining some critical amount of feel for how the world actually is, not how it appears in your delusional head. It is breathtaking to experience the ignorance that is human beings.

I don’t want to appear unaware of my own personal issues. I can and will do more. But if you learn enough about history and how automated humans are with ignorance, it is easy to make the connection to todays humans.

We are enslaved. Every single one of us reading this. The internet, the info, while we could be using these resources to better the world, we only use it to better ourselves. Its annoying, and will never cease to be the case.

Honestly thinking to myself “Fuck it, I am going to make as much money as i can by helping communities, then i am going to set up a sustainable life in fertile territory cause I need a place to be when the world fucking eats itself from the inside.

Horrible things are going to happen in the next 50 years. It is not something I have much control over, but I need to be able to control my own situation.

The world is one huge traffic jam. People are hacking radios, starting car fires, polluting the air, crashing people moving faster, and making loud noises when someone tries something risky & personally benefiting.

I will curate to the interested. Those that want a peek into what could be.